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How to package the right way - reduce .pak size

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    [TUTORIAL] How to package the right way - reduce .pak size

    Hellos, this is a small tutorial for making the size of the package quite small. Mainly this is important for mapping, you should not have problems with gamemodes or weapons for the MB size.

    First Lightmass Importance Volume:

    If you use static light, you should make sure to use the lightmass importance volume. Using this is important to know to make the size in the right format. It should contain all the static lightning but as small as possible. Maybe you even hit the gaming area of your map. Don't make it unnecessary big.

    Second Landscape.

    This can also eat MB size. If you make a big rock or desert area, make sure you don't build big areas behind the gaming scene. THis means all area, that the player can not reach and which is not necessary for scenery is not needed to be build. For example you make a map with rocks arround it with landscape. All landscape behind the rocks is not needed.
    As you create Landscape the parameters can make it very big. The more components you use and the bigger the scale, the bigger gets the size. For help use this guide, specially for deco landscape less components is needed.

    Third textures: There are different ways to reduce the size of textures. Specially if you bought content from marketplace and you have a static mesh with a lot of textures and each is 4K, it can get big.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	fwgw3.JPG Views:	1 Size:	206.0 KB ID:	397141
    The faster you compress it, the worse gets the quality. You can also set each textures to LOD1, if available or setting the Texture quality in the Editor window.
    You can also set the Material qulity level, which will get packed like you set it then.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	tex.JPG Views:	1 Size:	316.6 KB ID:	397142
    Fourth: Some options. Make sure to compress the .pak file in the Packaging options.
    In Project Launcher set WindowsNoEditor and On the fly.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Unbenah5rh5nnt.JPG Views:	1 Size:	177.5 KB ID:	397145
    Click image for larger version  Name:	f23g32.JPG Views:	1 Size:	284.4 KB ID:	397144

    Fifth: Modifying restriced Assets:
    If you have for example a rock of UTgame and you want to change the collision, cause it has none, well then your map needs to save and pack this rock. If you do this on 5 rocks, your map needs to save 5 rocks. Thats another way to make your map big.
    If you just put in the rockmesh to your map without saving it and drag a texture on it, the rock does not need to be pak, when you pack your map. Just the reference to the UTgame rock gets saved. Thats why you should try to use restricted assets without modifying it. You can of course, but then your map gets big.
    Same with any other asset. For example UTpickup for a weapon, you change the texture and save it... Well saving it overrides the restricted asset and it needs to be packed. If you just insert UTpickup and drag a texture on it, without saving the asset, all is fine.
    In short: Don't change and save restricted assets, except you want to and know it gets paked unique.

    Sixth: Reduce sky sphere:
    If you work with a sky sphere in your map by default it is huge compared to your map. You can see that if you choose in the viewport the "Top" view. If you zoom in then you can see your very small map compared to the sky sphere. If you reduce the scale XYZ of the sky sphere to 0.1, it looks the same and you save mb size.

    Seven: Tracking what makes your map big:
    If you want to track down, what exactly makes your map quite big, you go on top menu "Window" and open "Statistics". These will show all your actors in the level and you can sort them by file-size.

    This should be enough for now. Using these tricks, you can reduce a 300 mb map to 80 mb for example.
    If you use a lot of selfmade static meshes, it could be more i guess.
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