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    [TUTORIAL] Custom gamemode

    Hellos, this will be a tutorial series about a custom gamemode for UT4. One by one i will add different topics and explain how to do it.

    If you have no idea of blueprints, please watch these guides first, which explain some basics:

    For a great guide on youtube i can recommend this channel, he explains every single UE4 blueprint note in 5 minutes:

    Preparing for online developing:

    How to custom gamemode

    How to make a HUD

    Scale to ratio:
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    Thanks for making these. They are a little beyond my skill level but I appreciate the effort. Any plans for a non-vehicle Onslaught mode? I imported the mesh and texture for the UT2004 core and tried to make a simple game of just destroying the other team's core but I can't quite make it work. I'll keep trying though. Nodes would be the most difficult part I'm guessing.

    You're voice is way too quiet in these videos. I have to turn the volume up very high and then if I forget to turn it back down I get blasted by the next thing I watch. Also, they seem a little unorganized, like maybe you should create an outline first or even a voice script. That's just some feedback. Like I said I appreciate the effort and I'm sure some more knowledgeable modders can make use of the information in these videos.