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    [TUTORIAL] Working controller fix using Xpadder

    For those of you who have been struggling to get your Xbox controllers to work with UT using Xpadder, I have found a way. (For this method to work you will need Xpadder, or similar software that allows you to bind controller inputs to mouse + keyboard)

    ONLY bind your right analog stick to the default mouse controls, then go into Xpadder mouse settings and raise your sensitivity to match your system mouse sensitivity. The easiest way for me to do this in Windows was to go into Control Panel-->Devices, right click on your mouse and go into mouse settings.... set sensitivity to exactly half-way on the slider, apply. THEN as mentioned before go into Xpadder and change your mouse sensitivity to match. My default is set to 128 for x & y. (if you plan on having ultra-high sensitivity might want to separate x and y values, see end of tutorial****)

    -LEAVE ALL OTHER BUTTONS UNBOUND... RIGHT-STICK = MOUSE, ONLY. For some reason UT will take over the buttons anyway and there is no way to change them in-game, I have included some button binds below that dont seem to cause conflicts.

    FOR CONVENIENCE: see below
    RT = Left Mouse (you can already fire without this but binding RT to mouse click lets you navigate menus as well)
    RS-click = LSHIFT (Dodge)
    LB / RB = Middle Mouse (this will bring up the weapon wheel if held, or switch weapon if tapped, I never liked up on d-pad)
    START = Esc (needed to pause/unpause singleplayer & back out of things once in a while)
    X = Q (translocator/powerup)
    Y = Enter (best weapon)
    B = Right Mouse (not needed for much in game but its nice to be able to right click on the desktop/menus, see below if you think you can get this working with LT instead of B)
    Up-Dpad = M (if held this will bring up the weapon wheel, and drop whatever you're holding as you switch to a better weapon, if tapped it just drops weapon)

    -in Xpadder go to the top-right by your profile and click the wrench icon, set button press time to minimum (0.01s)

    -Make sure to save profile in Xpadder when you're all done.

    The rest of the controls will be default already, as mentioned before UT takes over so it doesn't matter that these buttons aren't bound.

    Let me know if y'all can figure anything else out from this. Kill em all...

    ...also I'm not sure what some of the default xbox controls are that I bound over, would anyone happen to know the default controls for these buttons? (they don't appear to do anything)
    R3 (RightStick-clicked in)

    P.S. should now be able to change sensitivity in-game since mouse is bound
    -my recommendation is to keep Xpadder/system sensitivity matched and only adjust in-game. So far I've gotten good results using aim acceleration but its hard to get the numbers right... here's what I'm using at the moment now that I'm trying to speed things up.
    Mouse Smoothing (YES)
    Mouse Sensitivity: 7.5
    Mouse Acceleration (YES)
    -Amount: 3.75
    -Max: 1.025

    ****At higher sensitivities it may be a good idea to separate x and y values within xpadder, there are many values so here's what I did to make sense of it...
    -128 was chosen before because this is exactly half-way on the sensitivity scale, and we put the system sensitivity to be the same earlier as well.

    So what are you supposed to do with the y value then?
    -I'm not 100% sure to be honest BUT what I did was try to follow my monitors ratio, lets just call it 1080p since thats what most sane people will be working with.

    What's my ratio at 1080p (1920x1080)? Well most of you already know its 16:9, but just in case you have a weird resolution like mine here's the math:

    1080 = x-------> x = 144 ------> half of this = 72 ----> y = 72 ..... So to duplicate my setup in 1080p you would go into Xpadder mouse settings, set x = 128, y = 100.[72 is slow for me so I use y=100 instead. (72+128) / 2 = 100 ]
    1920 = 256

    _9 = 144 = 1080 |
    16 = 256 = 1920 | ALL = 0.5625
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    Also one more thing... I love binding LT to Right-mouse for navigating the desktop/menus... however this does cause an issue where you are unable to open your sniper scope. (I'm assuming it already presses once by default and then milliseconds later xpadder presses right-click and it exits the scope as a result.) I've tried messing with the length of button presses and that doesnt seem to work. Is anyone able to get right-mouse working on gamepad AND not break sniper scope? For now I just set B to right-click... Id love to get sniper working with LT as right-click and then set B as favorite weapon slot or flag drop. You could just leave LT unbound and assign B to whatever you want if you're ok with not being able to right-click from the controller, this doesn't mess up any secondary fire because of default controls.
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      I also have a problem with a sniper scope. It’s inconvenient to use the keys instead of the mouse, but I want to play in sniper mode.