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    [OFFICIAL] Tutorials

    We need tutorials! Our new launcher includes a link to a set of youtube videos we need you to create, teaching players at every level how to play Unreal Tournament. We need tutorials on movement, weapon use, tactics, map control, game types, etc.

    We'd love for these tutorials to be created as individually bite sized topics - rather than one giant video on movement, split it into short tutorials covering various aspects, targeted towards different levels of experience.

    So. Henrik, work on a new set of tutorials!
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      I can work on some stuff this weekend and pop it up :] Zaccubus is also really good at his tuts.
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        Originally posted by RattleSN4K3 View Post
        Thinking about it. I've just been swamped.

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          I can create tutorials for Russian community


            Add this Tutorial Please!

            HOW TO: Improve Game Thread CPU Performance!

            Nobody want's too miss out on this!
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              Originally posted by HenrikRyosa View Post
              Thinking about it. I've just been swamped.
              Yeah let him finish the HUD first everyone!
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                I guess I could do some very in depth gametype analysis vids but they would be based solely on competitive theory and past games since this one is impossible to dig into yet. Maybe breaking down general/classic roles, positions, etc would be useful? Although again that would only apply to the classic gametypes, pending anything new coming down the pipeline.


                  I'm planning out some tutorials for the BeyondUnreal channel, and I get the concern with making tutorials for an unfinished game. My current plan is to focus on base skills. Things that are common to all UT games. I'm writing scripts and recording audio separately. So I can always just go back and update the video with new graphics or gameplay concerns.

                  If anyone wants to team up and help let us know. There's lots of roles to fill including script writing, graphics creation, and recording.
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                    I'm keen to give it a shot, it'll be fun. I plan on doing a series of short videos in a few weeks when my exams finish.


                      I've added a page to the UT Wiki that pulls various community suggestions together. It's still rough, of course, but it should give you an idea of what we're looking for in our tutorials. Please take a look at let me know what you'd like to see there, or if there's something huge and obvious that I missed:

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                        I'm new here so i would need some tutorial too