What do I do if I receive the "Unable to register with the provided information" error message when trying to create an Epic Games account?

This error message appears for one of the following reasons:

  • The email you used to register your Epic Games account contained a sub-address.
    Note: A sub-address uses “+” or “.” characters to create more than one account on the same email address (i.e. [email protected] or [email protected]).
  • Your email provider has been blocked by Epic Games for abusive behavior.
  • Due to United States trade restrictions, we are unable to permit account creation with individuals in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, or Syria at this time.

If you believe that we’ve blocked your account creation in error, please click the Contact Us button and provide the following information that you used when you tried to create your Epic Games account:

  • The full name
  • The email address
  • The type of device you used

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