Which benchmarks are simulated in PC Building Simulator 2?

  • 3DMark
    • Time Spy
      • Time Spy is a whole-PC benchmark that uses three separate tests to give a score for both graphical (GPU) and processing (CPU and RAM) performance. It uses a series of short cutscenes that are rendered as quickly as possible (faster cutscene = better score). The graphical and processing scores are combined to give a final score for the PC.
    • Time Spy Extreme
      • TimeSpy Extreme is a newer version of the TimeSpy benchmark that supports over 8 CPU cores and includes stronger tests to tax more modern hardware.
    • Port Royal
      • Port Royal is a real-time Ray Tracing benchmark designed to test RTX and Ray Tracing-enabled GPUs. As with TimeSpy, the benchmark renders a preset cutscene, with faster rendering giving a higher score.
  • Maxon
    • Cinebench
      • Cinebench is a processing test used to test CPU and RAM. The test involves rendering a complex scene in chunks, with each chunk being rendered by a single CPU thread and core. This means that multi-core CPUs can render more chunks at once, which gives high-core count CPUs much better scores.

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