Linking Rocket League and Epic Games accounts

Now that you can link your Rocket League account to an Epic Games account you can link all of your Rocket League accounts to have access to a shared inventory! 

1. Visit

2. Click 'Account Settings' and sign in to your Epic Games account. 

3. You will have the option to link any additional accounts you do not have linked yet, like PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Switch. 

4. After linking the accounts, it is time to select the account you would like as your primary account.

The Primary account's Account level, ranks, and Rocket Pass progress will be used for all linked platforms.

The existing inventory on each platform will be shared. New items earned in-game will be associated with the primary platform while linked. 

Note: Credits and Esports tokens will not be combined but can be accessed on the platform they were purchased on. If you unlink accounts all items will remain on the platform they were purchased or earned on. Platform-specific items will remain exclusive to that platform and only available when playing on that device.    

Choose carefully, you can only change your primary platform once a month

5. Confirm and you are now all set. Enjoy your Rocket League linked accounts!

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