Grab Prizes by the Horns in This Month’s Aegis Tournament

Starting May 15th, all Infinity Blade players are invited to compete for gold, chips and rare weapons in the By the Horns Aegis Tournament! 

In Aegis Tournaments, players test their skills in a series of challenges, placing their highest score before a stage ends. If they rank high enough, they move on to the next stage. Those who qualify at the end of the fourth stage earn an item only available to tournament victors.

The prize for this tournament is the Colossal Helm!

Stage 1 vs. Horned Demon
Prize: 100 Chips
Goal: Dodges

Stage 2 vs. Horned Wildling
Required Weapon: Iron Axe
Prize: 150 Chips
Goal: Block

Stage 3 vs. Bugeishai
Prize: 200 Chips
Goal: Dodges

Stage 4 vs. Quarth
Required Weapon: Iron Axe
Prize: Colossal Helm
Goal: Block

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