Remembering Five Years of Infinity Blade


Today we celebrate five years since the Infinity Blade journey began!

Five years ago today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took to the stage of the Company's annual press event to unveil the latest version of iOS. As part of that event, he invited ChAIR Creative Director Donald Mustard to reveal to the world the Unreal Engine-powered game that would become Infinity Blade. Through a live gameplay match, ChAIR demonstrated the power of the device and the huge potential for triple-A gaming experiences on mobile. Touted as the first \"gamer's game\" on iOS, Infinity Blade became an instant success and forever changed the landscape of mobile gaming.

Originally introduced in 2010, the Infinity Blade series has grown to include three blockbuster games, two bestselling novels, arcade games, custom collectibles, soundtracks, and has become one of the most popular franchises introduced via the App Store. 

Today we celebrate the amazing journey Infinity Blade has provided our teams here at ChAIR and Epic Games and the dedicated fans that have joined with us every step of the way. We are so grateful for the support and feedback Infinity Blade's 50+ million fans have given us and for their help making Infinity Blade the success it is today. 

We've got more exciting stuff planned for the future so we hope you'll stay tuned and join us for our next adventure!