Release Notes June 28

Unreal Tournament Patch 0.1.12 is now available. This release has significant performance improvements, voice chat support, new bio rifle mesh and more!

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Release Notes April 18

Unreal Tournament Patch 0.1.10 is live! This patch includes animation updates, movement and weapon balance tweaks.


Release Notes January 23

A new Unreal Tournament update has been released and includes a new game mode and weapon.

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Release Notes May 16

Unreal Tournament Patch 0.1.11 is now available! You can expected updates to Blitz, the Redeemer and more.

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Release Notes March 28

The 0.1.9 Unreal Tournament update, released today, features many improvements to the new Flag Run game mode.


Halloween Update Available NOW!

There is a new Unreal Tournament update available today with many new features that were included from Unreal Engine 4.13 and 4.14. This update also includes Spooky Facing Worlds from the Halloween content and you will have special challenges and items to unlock! Check out the blog post for more.