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Unreal Tournament 99 - DirectX11 Renderer with Tessellation + HDAO

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    Unreal Tournament 99 - DirectX11 Renderer with Tessellation + HDAO

    There was a DX11 renderer before but it was left for a few years and didn't have a great deal of functionality above the DX10 renderer. Someone on moddb has taken it upon themselves to update it though and now we have UT99 with Ambient Occlusion and Tessellation!

    Check out my video of it in use here:

    You can get the files here:

    you and i need to collaborate, my friend... The_Bonelord

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      people need to see be reminded how great unreal engine 1 is

      with yours and my nextgen scripting knowledge, we could really change the game.


        and it's strange, if you are that good at effects, why haven't you added high poly meshes yet, besides for maps?


          Originally posted by PAGOEJA View Post
          and it's strange, if you are that good at effects, why haven't you added high poly meshes yet, besides for maps?
          Hi - I am not the maker of the DX11 DLL - it's made by someone called darknovismc from continuing on the work from - I'd recommend contacting them especially if you can make higher poly models that would work better with the tessellator.


            i don't make higher poly models, but as you can see, guys are importing content from other games into unreal engine

            i've merely looked at those high poly models, and have ripped them into compatible formats and then stuffed them back into ut99

            and voila, there is no real poly limit in ut99 if you mess around with the draw/lod and have a proper anim file. :P


              that model in those screenshots, is a ut2k4 model, that was definitely made in a unreal engine 4 level app.

              and what do you know, it fits nicely into ut99

              now if someone teaches me how to import animations into a mod, I CAN MAKE CONTENT ALL DAY LONG, KIDS.


                i've self learned how to script/code, and mesh manipulate, but i'm still fked, cuz i can't import a single anim. and skeletalchars (including the one embedded in ut2004charactersv2) just don't BONE/RIG meshes properly

                i have ALL KINDS OF MESHES, ALL KINDS OF ANIMATIONS, and can import meshes till im blue in the face, but without* animation importation help, nobody gets jack....

                and unlike Feralidragon, i'd love to hook you guys up, and grow my portfolio so that maybe a game company might hire me.


                  but i mean, why help me, when all these guys ever do, is HELP THEMSELVES...

                  a bit dated, but you can clearly see what fortnite did, back in 2010 my whole server was copied.

                  then 2011 FORTNITE debuts. i know whats up, soon i'll just sue, if i can't get that 5 minutes from one of these THIEVING greats.

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                    i guarantee when i swap the gun model and finish the end effects, this weapon mod will look great in the new renderer.


                      Hi PAGOEJA,
                      Have you read any on Iniquitous' tutorials on vertex and skeletal animation/modelling? They can be found here. See the Skeletal Animation Import Directives section. The animation sequences should all be embedded in the .psa file so you should only need the one animation file import directive in most cases.

                      The tone of your posts are somewhat off-putting, and it seems like you are accusing people of not helping, but I think the problem is that there is hardly anyone left here on these forums that can provide that help; everyone appears to have moved on to other games. 20+ years of support for a single game is pretty amazing though, even if it does not get the same attention as it used to its nice to see new stuff get developed and see some things back ported to good old UT. I can't quite tell if you are a bot, or just trolling in some of your posts. Some of the features you point out as having been copied into Fortnite (the compass direction HUD display, and highlighted point of interest) have been in FPS for over 18 years at least (I think the Infiltration mod had the compass feature back in the year 2000 timeframe... and ironsights/ADS.... and free-aim before anyone else) so it is not as though Fortnite is copying your work alone....

                      As for the skeletal animations, if you ripped another author's skeletal model content from UT2004 .ukx packages using UModel (?), the orientation of some of the bone joints gets rotated by 90-degrees around one of the axes by the exporter (I don't remember which axis, and it may only happen to the first skeletal joint...). This means that if you reimport the .psa file into a UT .u package, but rig a model to the original (not extracted) skeleton (using Milkshape3D for instance), the reference orientation for the bones in the .psk and .psa models won't match up, and they will get all screwed up when you link them at compile time and try to animate them. As a side note I'd recommend getting the original author's permission before releasing anything using their content.

                      I made/make a lot of skeletal mesh/staticmesh content for my UT2004 YARM, Jetpack, and TD Vehicles mods, and also made a fair bit of content for UT99 (Postal and I made the C4 mod). I ended up having to write some of my own utilities to convert my models and animations from a format that Milkshape3D could export nicely (the .smd format) into the .psk and .psa format. The technical specs on the .psa and .psk formats can be found here and may be helpful in trying to understand what UT is doing with the data and maybe you can write your own tools to help with content work.

                      Anyways, I hope those tutorials can prove to be useful to you. UT99 (and UT2k4) is a fun playground for modding.
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                        ^^^ now this man deserves whatever he wants... thank you meowcatbuf
                        this is good news for me, i could not find resources like this on my own, i ended up finding a ton of other stuff that only made my journey that much harder.

                        (most guys moved on, to other games, because they lack the skill needed to finesse the ut99 script)
                        i'm no expert at any of this, but i notice that everything is compatible with ut99, all the way up to animations, due to the fact that they were never really properly imported.
                        [that said, there are even errors in the botpack, from the updates, one can see if they merely open the botpack and then try to compile without changes, it has more than one critical errors just left around]

                        i'm trying to give what noobs and oldskoolers both want in a game, a certain physics(feel) and one of the fastest fps engines ever made, but with nextgen content, so it feels fresh/new and will attract more than just us oldmen/women

                        i intend to just REMOVE the skeletalchars class and just rewrite my own and import a ton of animations into it, that way i can just import and assign the according animation

                        the old soldieranim and soldieranim2 and skeletalchars classes themselves do the twisting of the 90 degrees, even skeledit will show you the warping effects when you use them
                        a good way to avoid a lot of in app bs is to just match them up here first.

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	73381189_697073004134400_262295430883180544_o.jpg Views:	0 Size:	126.2 KB ID:	407021

                        now look at this, and see that the real problem is the old anims/classes, and they need to be updated/and replaced, instead of hours of grief accommodating bad updates.

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	soldier-anims-error.jpg Views:	0 Size:	132.6 KB ID:	407022
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                          and p.s.

                          the trolling was done by whoever has the hate on for me over in the epic dev team
                          i did akimbo mod for ut99 one day later fortnite releases theirs

                          i do a radar weapon, they come out with the storm sniper
                          i do my hud like that since early 2k, my friend, long before it became popular you can ask around (we had it years before the rest of you did, but minimap was first in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory / ID Tech3 engine)

                          i'll admit i didn't do a minimap, but the sniper projectile looks stolen to me too, that whole projectile system
                          all of this is payback for the ROCKETX days, and the arguments, i am sure, who cares

                          they are pushing their luck, specially here, after i do up a nice aimbot gun with a heartbeat sound on lock,
                          they use my crosshair and instead of a sound on lock it puts out a HEART texture, and the trace has been verbosed like the AVRIL for ut2k4

                          see for yourself...
                          Last edited by PAGOEJA; 11-06-2019, 06:32 PM.


                            i had permission from other sources for the content i borrowed, right down to the meshes

                            after all it was on a 3d model site and the author's fee wasn't exorbitant, as for the rx, i used the PX base,
                            which was authored by johnflynn / themanno1, again, who was also all to willing and wholly altruistic in regards to my needs.

                            so all of this revenge from corporate high chairs is only going to force a battle they will lose, in front of the world, via greenspan litigation team
                            (they are currently suing the **** out of facebook, hopefully whoever is trolling me makes the right choice and stops)

                            we all know what these people are like (the greenspans) they love crusades, specially after those trolling, used the phrase/term MENTALLY ILL/MENTAL ILLNESS

                            which is funny, i don't know too many mentally ill people, catching onto game design like one would, say, reading a book with ease. (the animations part is easy, the game just doesn't want it to be, with that **** mod attached to it, lol)

                            THE END. THANK YOU AGAIN.
                            (as for ut2004 it seems like ut99 with additions. so i'll just make my own, in ut99, and hopefully they turn out just as good as epic's (although many insist they could have done better, and imagine, they say the same about UT4)
                            Last edited by PAGOEJA; 11-06-2019, 05:38 PM.


                              You are welcome regarding the tutorials. One thing to remember is that if the skeleton that a model is rigged to (the UT2k4 skeleton for example) does not exactly match the animation file's skeleton, the SkeletalChars.u animation files for example, then the model will get all screwed up when it animates. The bone names have to match, base pose bone orientations have to match, and often base pose bone translations/position must match too.

                              I think the UE4 engine has a skeletal animation re-targeting utility feature in its editor that looks like it will allow you to remap one skeleton's animations to another's, but I have no experience with whether it would work. I have played with the idea of trying to write my own skeletal animation re-target utility, but I really don't have the time anymore to mod much let alone learn how to code the 3D GUI interface portion of a utility (the bone animation mapping translation part is actually the easier part to code given the volume of tutorials online about the use of quaternions and conversion between pitch,yaw,roll rotations, using quat multiplication to convert between local bone rotations and model/global rotations etc ...).

                              About the only reason I stick with UT2k4 over UT99 is that I really really like being able to use bone rotations to handle the character poses (aiming up down left right etc.); static meshes are great for foliage modeling (and run much, much, much faster for me then the equivalent models in UT99... go figure); and I like the vehicle physics.

                              Good luck with your projects PAGOEJA!