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Gravity direction?

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    Gravity direction?

    So there's a few various level designs I want to try, and a lot of these... the more I think about them, the more I want to change gravity. Not just the force of gravity, but the direction of gravity. I want to be able to make players walk on walls and ceilings, or maybe have spherical gravity.
    Is this being worked on anywhere? I can't seem to find any functionality for it out-of-the-box, but maybe there's a mod someone is making to make this a possibility.

    Some people have hacked it into the engine for their own projects but this requires a fair amount of work in the Engine code so I doubt it will happen soon.
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      I'll take a look at that thread. Thank you.

      Originally posted by darkskyabove
      One thing of interest I found was a statement from an Unreal Engine dev: "Gravity doesn't affect the character when they're walking, only falling, flying, and swimming."
      That is only for the actual gravity variable. When the player is walking, actually when they make ANY movement, the game naturally assumes they are moving on a 2D plane. Forward, backward, and side-to-side all naturally make their motions relative to this 2D plane. None of the checks for which way you are facing (as far as I can assume) never at any time are dependent on gravity. And I would wager that unless the system was expressly designed otherwise, all of this movement and looking is hard-coded on the assumption that "down" is the negative Z axis. (Or maybe its another axis; I'd have to check.)

      This is why a search for "gravity" doesn't help much, because such functionality extends FAR beyond just gravity, and most threads that talk about gravity are not trying to adjust the fundamental direction of "down."

      In order to achieve what I am asking about, there would have to be another system in place above the normal looking and moving that can take the moving/looking commands and adjust them relative to a "down" point of reference, one that could be any direction in a complete spherical range.

      What I DON'T know is if this functionality already exists. Maybe they already set that up in the engine, because they figured a lot of developers might want access to it. So there might already be an easy-to-access variable that can be switched to change what the "down" is for any particular actor. And if not, then this change would require a strong understanding of exactly how the fundamental movement/looking/down code works in the game. Far more than you would need for a simple loop-de-loop.

      But I don't even know what else you would call this stuff, and if it isn't already established deep in the code, I question how interested Epic would be in such a mod that fundamentally alters the game's base control. Sure, I could make my own project, but I doubt they will want all of this for just a couple levels.


        Originally posted by darkskyabove
        Best guess: Take a chance and post some detailed questions in the UE forum. My impression is that no single dev even knows the full capabilities of this engine.
        That's a fair suggestion, though I would suppose that there should be some sport to discuss it on the UT forum, since I want to do this for UT.


          I had the same desire, 15 years ago, and only a few games have accomplished it since then.

          I hope you get it figured out!
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