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DM-Morpheus UT4 Remake

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    DM-Morpheus UT4 Remake

    While I am working for the DM-Cybrosis Remake, I have already spend some time with DM-Morpheus from UT99.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DMMorpheus_UT4TestShot1.png
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    Actually I am working for both. Have uploaded a Test gameplay video in my youtube channel.

    Video is here:

    My Morpheus remake is not complete done, but I will work for this and the final version will be surely look better. The sky zone looks already good.


    For me Morpheus is the most important map of the whole Unreal series. To date I have not found a perfect remake for UT4 because every mapper introduces some strange changes and additions. I am afraid you are doing the same thing.
    Probably the best example of a map remake is - the map that looks like it is just slightly re-skinned and keeps 99% the same scale, layout and MOVEMENT.

    Morpheus is all about the movement - a lot of great jumps/dodges that you can just pull off if you do them right or some ways to bounce into the windows that you can pull off even while looking in opposite direction. All remakes break some or all of these satisfying jumps and therefore completely change the flow of the map. Routes and escapes that I love become unusable and almost always there are not enough new tricks - the remakes look the same or better, but play worse because of dumbed down MOVEMENT.

    So far the video is not promising. Perhaps others will enjoy it, but I am better off playing original or something else.


      Do you even realize UT4 doesn't have the same movement as UT99?

      Morpheus wasn't about movement anyhow, it was about controlling the sniper, camping and picking off the guy moving with those slow lazy low grav jumps.


        If you ask me, I dont know what you are looking for: The gameplay is primitive nearly the same or better feeling and I played the old Unreal a lot. The main goal in a good remake level is for me to make the graphics and look much better, with receive of good old gameplay feeling or better.
        If you think you are better with the old 99 version I can not change this. But, you can wait until my map is done and make your own feel and look. What you can see in the vid is only an early primitive version, the final finished version will be surely more different in graphics, also in the gameplay feeling.


          You have my vote Fury! As long as they incorporate (near)identical mechanics, we enjoy all variants of classic '99 maps and even those 'losely' based on the classics.
          From the replay it's looks like you're going the right way, just don't forget to fadeout that music once the map starts. MapOn!
          Explosive High Voltage UT99


            Have made some progress Screenshot from my remake:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	DMMorpheusScreen41.png
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	DMMorpheusScreen11.png
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Name:	DMMorpheusScreen21.png
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Name:	DMMorpheusScreen31.png
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ID:	408433 .

            Things make very good progress with this map. If you are interested for, you can take a look in my youtube channel. New video is already there.


              I have done my remake level DM-Morpheus_UT4 and uploaded it. Installation: Copy simply the .pak file in to the right folder.


              File size arround 60 MB.


              Click image for larger version

Name:	DMMorpheus_UT4Highres.png
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	DMMorpheus_UT4Highres2.png
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Name:	DMMorpheus_UT4Highres3.png
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Name:	DMMorpheus_UT4Highres4.png
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ID:	408759 . Enjoy!

              I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( ).


                Thank you for share'n this with the rest of us Fury! I'll be testing it out shortly.. & the highest tower needs a Sniper Rifle instead of two shield belts!
                An overall nice rendition of a classic! Keep it Up & replays to follow!
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                Explosive High Voltage UT99


                  Thanks also for a comment. I have already noticed that there is one shield belt to much. I will search for more problems and maby make an update 1.1.


                    Originally posted by Fury44de View Post
                    Thanks also for a comment. I have already noticed that there is one shield belt to much. I will search for more problems and maby make an update 1.1.
                    Looking forward to an update to this beautiful map! Much thanks for your hard work! I put it on my server and was testing it out on TeamDM... both teams were getting negative points because the bots kept falling off! It was like -38 to -54 Maybe some bugs in the pathing?