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    UT is far from being finished yet and a lot of things in the game are broken and are waiting their turn to be fixed. However some big bugs may occasionally slip into the new build and so before posting take a look at the issues listed in this thread if your bug is among them and and try the recommended fixes first.
    • [Mac] Game does not start
      Since December 2016 Unreal Tournament requires a more efficient Metal API on run on Mac. To run the game you need to have hardware that supports the API (check this article on Apple website to see if your system does) and an OS that supports it – OS X 10.11.6 or higher. Also make sure you have the latest drivers installed.
    • Game crashes when opening the Weapon Settings menu
      This is caused by old pak files in Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Paks\ folder and its subfolders. Delete all old content from these folders will fix the crash.
    • Mouse and keyboard binds are reset after August 29th build
      This is not a bug. The profile and key bindings system was heavily reworked in the build from August 29th, requiring a reset of all controls.
    • Player is dodging in random directions without any input from keyboard mouse after August 29th build
      This is being investigated, but very likely this is caused by gamepad/controller connected to a PC. Trying disconnecting one if you have one connected or post dxdiag of your PC in this thread if this doesn't fix it for you:!
    • VCRUNTIME140.dll missing error
      If you get this error when starting the game/editor/server after May 12th, 2016, make sure you have the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 installed. You can download it from Microsoft website here:
    • Game hijacks Corsair RGB peripherals lighting
      To prevent this, uncheck the "Enable SDK" checkbox in the Corsair Utility Engine.
    • "Program can't start because UE4-[name]-Win64-Shipping.dll is missing" error
      This issue is currently being investgated, in the mean time you can fix it manually by copying three dlls listed below from UnrealTournament\UnrealTournament\Binaries\Win64 to UnrealTournament\Engine\Binaries\Win64
      - UE4-UTMcpProfile-Win64-Shipping.dll
      - UE4-UnrealTournament-Win64-Shipping.dll
      - UE4-BlueprintContext-Win64-Shipping.dll
      Here is what we need you to do fix this:
      1. 1. Uninstall the game
      2. 2. Delete UnrealTournament folder in Documents
      3. 3. Reinstall the game
      4. 4. (Optional) verify the installtion
    • Progression/stars lost
      This can happen sometimes. Signing out and signing in again usually helps with that problem.
    • Game crashes on start-up
      This can happen for multiple reasons, but in some cases this can be fixed by deleting the contents of the Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved folder and/or verifying the installation.
    • [Windows] Game crashes with "unable to start correctly" error, code 0xc000001d
      This error most often happens when you run the game on unsupported Windows OS. You need at least Windows 7 SP1 to run the game.
    • [Windows] Game crashes with "unable to start correctly" error, code 0xc000007b
      This error is most often caused by corrupted installation of VS2013 libraries. To fix this you need to go to this page and download the installer for your version of OS. Run the downloaded file and among the available options select Uninstall. When the uninstall process is finished, run the downloaded file again and install the libraries.
    • [Linux] Login to Epic Account fails
      This problem is known to be caused by running the wrong binary. In Feb 02 2016 build the binary has been changed from UE4-Linux-Test to UE4-Linux-Shipping, so make sure you are running Shipping, this should fix the problem.
    • [Windows] Problems installing/running the launcher
      Check this page for a possible solution: If nothing helped, please contact support through this page:
    • [Windows] Game window minimizes after the game launch or stays black
      This is a known issue caused by Teamviewer or similar apps, that try to add their own overlay to the game's window. You can read the step by step guide on how to fix it in this thread.
    • [Mac] Cursor is stuck on the left side of the screen after the game is started
      Cmd+Tab out of UT and then Cmd+Tab back into UT and the mouse will be unlocked.
    • [Windows] Game does not start with "Couldn't start ..... Create Process returned ..." message
      Avast antivirus is known to cause this issue. If you have this issue and you have Avast running, open it, go to Settings > General > scroll down until you see Exclusions > then add your UT folder there.
    • Game freezes at startup when launched for the very first time
      This may be caused by the benchmark that detects the best graphic settings. You may solve this by making the following change in the GameUserSettings.ini file (located in Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor folder):
      InitialBenchmarkState=-1 to InitialBenchmarkState=0
    • [Windows] Game freezes when looking for a match/in server browser
      On Windows this is often caused by non-latin characters or special symbols in the network name of the PC. To play safe make sure the name contains only A-Z letters, numbers from 0-9 and a "-" symbol. Click the spoiler block to see how you can check this and fix it if this is the issue.

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