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Absolute Elimination game mode (Updated 7/12/2017)

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    Absolute Elimination game mode (Updated 7/12/2017)

    Absolute Elimination
    Official Thread

    What is Absolute Elimination?

    Absolute Elimination, Elimination, or elim for short, is a round-based team oriented survival game mode. For people familiar with the Team Arena Master(TAM) mod from ut2k4, elim is mostly inspired by that gametype, but made for the new UT.

    Essentially, there are two teams, and everybody on either team has one life per round. After you die, you spectate your team till the next round begins. You start near the rest of your team with around 120 health and 100 armor, while the enemy team generally starts on the opposite side of the map, and everyone spawns with a full assortment of weapons with mostly full ammo. Pickups are removed from the map. The team with players still alive at the end of a round wins the round and gains one point. By default the first team to 10 points wins the map.

    Where to play?

    Elimination can be found to play online on Absolute hubs, and other hubs.

    To download Absolute Elimination, for playing offline, or to put on your hub, you can download the newest pak directly from:

    Download in menus 1.742)
    (July 12, 2017) (md5 checksum:

    Note to Hub Admin:
    To keep everyone's old Elim Elo and DPR rating stats for your hub from last Elim build: Restore a saved copy of Mods.db file from your hub to it's original location in UnrealTournament/Saved/

    If stats aren't working(everyone is always stuck at 1400 Elo):

    Changes in v1.742(July 2017)
    • A new custom armor overlay was added to Elim due to a bug in the default UT overlay look which made team color illegible at certain angles of view. The newly modified version of the original UT armor material has some tweaks for team color visibility in the center, with the yellow glow for visibility and to indicate player has armor visible on the borders. This overlay material should still be compatible with any third party mutators that replace the look.
    • Some small tweaks done to the Elo algorithm, in the form of a new way to scale the results for uneven team sizes, which is more mathematically sound and more symmetrical than the old method. Also the base of the exponent used in the Elo expected score algorithm adjusted from 10.0 to 6.0 to make the elo system a bit more forgiving for occasionally losing a round, to better fit the round based format.
    • A bug was fixed in the debug logging system used to optionally save per round win loss info on the server for the previous match, used internally for debugging the Elo system.

    Changes in v1.740(May 2017)
    • Rank numbers added to scoreboard to the left of the player name, showing the rank the player is on that hub in the Elim stats when sorted by Elim Elo(calculated in an efficient way through sqlite database commands)
      Thanks to subversiveVM for the feature suggestion and help with the sqlite command.

      Rank Colors:
      Number 1 player: Orange
      Top 5: Yellow
      Top 20: Green
      Top 100: White
      Above 100: Grey
    • Fixed some spawn point generation algorithm bugs that caused spawn points to fail on meshes with only per triangle collision enabled or game volumes.
    • Fixed the Elo update animation at the end of match
    • Added a method for mappers or devs to test generated spawn positions on their map without recompiling, with an optional debug URL parameter that draws the location of the generated spawn points within the level as debug shapes.

    Older changes:

    Changes in v1.735(April 2017)


    Changes in v1.730(March 2017)

    Changes in builds between 1.402 and 1.730(January - February 2017)

    Changes in v1.402

    Changes in v1.401

    Changes in v1.306

    Changes in v1.252

    Elimination Optional Features(elim config mutator currently not available...)
    • Customizable health, armor, weapons and ammo counts, round time
    • HP Balancing based on which team has more players
    • Selectively enable pickups on the map

    Any of these features may be activated via the optional Absolute Elimination Config mutator that is packed in with the game mode, though not running by default. To use, in the create a game screen, add the mutator, and change the settings via the mutator's config menu before starting the game. Note: This mutator is just a placeholder for a game options menu, and does nothing in other game modes other than Elimination, it simply stores settings for Elimination to read upon map load.

    All of these same settings are also available(primarily for hub administrators for adding a rules.ini preset)as url parameters(less ugly than trying to add the mutator and it's url parameters to the url). A full list of the currently undocumented(though direct match of the features in the mutator config menu) parameters available shall be likely posted soon.

    Non-default parameters chosen will appear on the right side of the scoreboard screen while playing, so that the players are made aware of non-standard settings running, so as to avoid confusion.

    Mutators such as No Self-Damage or Absolute Hitsounds features are not built into Elimination, due to wanting to keep the game mode as modular as possible. These can be added via separate mutators. Elimination should be fully compatible with most mutators, including the Weapon Replacement mutator.

    Any mutators that replace the pawn class or playercontroller class will not work(most mutators do not do this anyway).

    Development History


    Note to Hub Admins

    Please do not use the url on this forum post directly as your server redirect url as the pak itself may be updated from time to time, at this same url, with the same name, which might cause mismatch issues if your hub still has the old pak, or old redirect md5.

    The filename is forever frozen at Elimination_113, despite the different versions with every update, due to a compatibility (and autoupdate) issue for users if the name is changed.

    To start a game: If on a hub, and a preset is available for elimination, use the preset if you wish, otherwise you can go to the create game menu (either on hub or offline), and select Absolute Elimination in the game mode dropdown box(where it lists Deathmatch, etc). The Absolute Elimination Config mutator is not required, but can be additionally used to customize the gametype to a non-default experience.(config mutator currently not available)

    Known long-standing bugs
    - Bots have questionable AI currently.
    - Full Spectators (joined game as spectator rather than player) may be more likely to have some undiscovered bugs.

    Thank you..

    To everyone who helped on the project and discussed improvements and reported bugs to us, and to all the players who play Elimination. The popularity of the mod continues to surprise me, and I hope the mod lives up to players expectations and provides a polished, fun and competitive experience.

    And thanks to Epic, for keeping UT alive by releasing and continually improving this current pre-alpha version of UT!
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    (Reserving this post for screenshots and videos, or additional info, coming soon)


      People love elimination, and I can see its a very popular gametype every single day in the Absolute HUB. I really wish Epic would officially incorporate the gametype into UT for the sustainable playerbase boost it would add.

      I recognize the huge amount of work you have done for Elimination, and UT in general. CHEERS to you!!
      ChimmiChunga leads from the front, and DieHard UT holds the crown!!
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      Frag video featuring Phantaci
      Come find people to play with in IRC! All skill levels welcome!!


        so it is tam or not


          Originally posted by R.Riddick View Post
          so it is tam or not
          You had to read like the first two points, and that's it lol.

          Originally posted by Scoob View Post
          What is Absolute Elimination?

          Absolute Elimination, Elimination, or elim for short, is a round-based team oriented survival game mode. For people familiar with the Team Arena Master(TAM) mod from ut2k4, elim is basically a clone of that gametype, for the new UT.
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          , Twitch


            so it is tam why the name change but whatever man


              Originally posted by R.Riddick View Post
              so it is tam why the name change but whatever man
              so tam is rocket arena why the name change but whatever man


                I hop on this server every now and then and it usually seems to have an Elimination game going. Lots of fun, its like TSD, but fun.


                  Kick vote would be nice...unless I'm not seeing it somewhere. Some drunk player ruined a few matches today.


                    Originally posted by R.Riddick View Post
                    so it is tam why the name change but whatever man
                    You're trying really hard to have something to be upset over, aren't you?

                    Go cool off.
                    ON-GOING PROJECTS: DM-BloodCovenant, DM-Campgrounds (Absolute)
                    CONTACT & TWITCH: Absolute Discord
                    , Twitch


                      Awesome mod, great for quick, fun matches. Been nice to see at least one game of 10 people playing at once each night.



                        Great mod indeed, thanks for the efforts of creating this! Edit, the issue was my fault
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                          It's up and running on the Unreal Carnage Hub.
                          Unreal UT4 Maps: DM-Maelstrom DM-SpaceNoxx


                            thanks guys

                            updated version released, fixes cheops, underland, and zenith spawn bugs, see original post for download


                              Nice. Did also update Cheops that this can no more happen.