How to troubleshoot connection issues

A connection issue is anything that prevents you from being able to use the Epic Games Launcher or any other Epic Games product. This could happen while attempting to login to the Epic Games Launcher or using any Epic Games product.

Some things that may occur if you're having trouble with your connection:

  • Unable to login to the Epic Games Launcher
  • Unable to download or update games in the Epic Games Launcher
  • Receiving an error code using the Epic Games Launcher
  • Unable to matchmake or connect to games in Fortnite
  • Unable to join other parties in Fortnite
  • Packet loss or high latency in Fortnite

Xbox players encountering the "Error Connecting to Epic Services Queue" message must reach out to Microsoft Support for assistance.

We've created a series of articles to help resolve communication issues. The first step is making sure you can connect to the game server: Why can't I connect to the game's servers?

For the technically minded, here is a list of all the troubleshooting steps you can try. We've linked all the troubleshooting articles in order, but if you've already tried one of these steps feel free to jump to one that you haven't:

  1. Why can't I connect to the game's servers?
  2. How do I restart my modem or router to solve connection issues?
  3. Can I play multiplayer games on a Wi-Fi Connection?
  4. Can I stream or download while playing online?
  5. How do I switch to a public DNS to strengthen my connection?
  6. How can I sync the clock on my device?
  7. Which domains need to be whitelisted to reach the Epic servers?
  8. How do I clear or reset my device's cache?
  9. How do I update Windows to solve game issues?
  10. How do I identify and disable a proxy server so I can connect to the Epic Games Servers?
  11. How do I run games in Offline Mode using the Epic Games Launcher?
  12. How do I set up port forwarding on my router to reach the Epic Games servers?
  13. How do I flush my DNS on Windows to improve my connection to your servers?
  14. How do I reset my Windows Hosts file back to default?
  15. How do I adjust the Epic Games Launcher files to improve download speeds?
  16. How do I add an exception for my games to Windows Defender Firewall?
  17. How do I flush my DNS on Android to improve my connection to your servers?
  18. How do I disable background applications?
  19. Contacting your hardware manufacturer

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