What do I do if there are games missing from my Epic Games Launcher library?

If you start your Epic Games launcher and see that titles that were previously available are no longer in your library or you're unable to download them, below are some things to do or check that could help:

  • Restart the Epic Games Launcher: Try restarting the Epic Games Launcher using the steps here to resolve the issue.
  • Hide Game Library is checked: There’s an option in the Epic Games Launcher settings that will hide your game library. Checking this box removes all of the Epic Games Store elements from your launcher, including your game library and the Store option itself. Unchecking this box will show all of the Epic Games Store elements in the Launcher.

  • Library Filters: 
    • You can filter your games by Genre, Features, Types and Platform.
    • You can also see ALL your games by unchecking the Installed only option.
  • Refresh Library: Try clicking the Refresh icon on top of the filter option, this may update the library view.

  • Logging into the wrong Epic Games account: If you’re logged into the wrong Epic Games account, you will not see games that were previously available. Make sure you’re using the correct Epic Games account to see the available games in your library.
    Note: If you’ve previously used an external account to log into your Epic Games account (Facebook, Google, etc) try using that option again since that account may have your games on it.
  • Game Refund: If a game is refunded on your Epic Games account, you will no longer see it available for download in your library since the refund removes access.
  • Limited Time Availability: If a game was available for a limited time or was a press or beta version and it is no longer in your library, this is because access to these particular builds was removed based on the time restrictions attached to them.
    For example, an open beta version only lasts for a weekend, so on Monday, you won’t be able to access that game.
  • Fraudulent Code Revocation: If you used a retail code to activate a game and it is no longer in your library, the code was likely removed because it was reported as fraudulent by the developer. In this scenario, please reach out to the retail location you purchased the game from for assistance.
  • Clear the Epic Games Launcher’s webcache: Try clearing the launcher's webcache using the steps here

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